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  • Our History

    Founded in 2001, Melcon is a pharmaceutical industry specialized in the development, manufacturing and outsourcing production of hormonal drugs. It is a 100% national company settled in Anápolis – Goiás, the second largest pharmaceutical complex in Brazil.

Since 2010, Aché Laboratórios Farmacêuticos S.A. has a stake of 50% of Melcon’s capital.

The result of this partnership enabled the development and launch of Melcon non-hormonal drug line, expanding its portfolio of products and increasing Melcon’s participation within the pharmaceutical market.

Melcon is present across the Brazilian territory, with a modern industrial complex, high-end equipment, and a highly qualified team that complies with strict quality standards, producing efficient drugs with prices that are accessible to the population.

Melcon’s mission is to ensure health and quality of life for the society by using its products and services, generating results that ensure the return to investment, stakeholders, collaborators, and clients.

  • Our Mission

    To ensure health and quality of life for the society by using its products and services, generating return on investment, stakeholders, collaborators, and customers.

  • Vision

    Be a reference in:

    • Technical and strategic competence in drug manufacturing.
    • Business management with suppliers, financial agents and those from pharmaceutical market.
    • Relation with customers, product quality, brand reliability, compliance with regulatory and environmental rules.
    • Ideal place of work, promoting personal satisfaction, professional development and opportunities to collaborators to make their dreams come true.
  • Values

    • Ambition;
    • Attitude;
    • Do our best;
    • Respect to internal and external relations;
    • Respect to moral and social established values;
    • Environment sustainability.

Melcon Indústria Farmacêutica

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