• Structure

    With a productive capability of 600 million units/per year, Melcon associates specialized team, modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technology

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  • About Us

    Founded in 2001, Melcon is a pharmaceutical industry specialized in the development, manufacturing and outsourcing production of hormonal drugs. It is a 100% domestic company settled in Anápolis – Goiás.

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  • Services

    Melcon is able to provide outsourcing production services of solid hormonal drugs. This service is provided for the production and quality control at all stages.

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Melcon Indústria Farmacêutica

Melcon is committed to being a reference company in the human hormonal drugs segment

  • Certifications

    Since the beginning of its activities, Melcon is qualified to manufacture hormonal drugs, as per Collegiate Board Resolution – RDC 17/2010.

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  • Our Vision

    • Technical and strategic competence in drug manufacturing.
    • Business management with suppliers, financial agents and those from pharmaceutical market.
    • Relation with customers, product quality, brand reliability, compliance with regulatory and environmental rules.
    • Ideal place of work, promoting personal satisfaction, professional development and opportunities to collaborators to make their dreams come true.

Our Partners